Pardon the Interruption

So, long story short: I killed my old laptop. (RIP Old Faithful, you’ll always be my first Mac love!) This meant I had to prematurely by a new MacBook Pro. (RIP savings, it was fun relying you for my font addiction.) I was without a computer for about 3 weeks, so having already fallen behind on my “Better Designer” Challenge, I decided to abandon it. To be honest, I’m already a good designer and probably didn’t need it. Yeah, shameless humble-brag right there…In all seriousness, though, there’s always room for improvement.

Once I got my shiny new laptop and re-installed my collections of fonts, textures, actions, styles, patterns, vectors and brushes, I got the motivationĀ from my best friend and on/off ex-/not-ex-boyfriend (it’s complicated, sheesh!) to start a small stationery business on Etsy. Maria (my bff) inspired the shop and gave me a lot of encouragement. Anthony gave me the inspiration for my shop’s name – Pen and Pilot – and the idea to eventually consolidate my freelance “business” and stationery business into one entity, which will be named Pilot Designs. Plus, he and his stepdad own t-shirt & printing shop, so I’ll have connections down the line.

My shop’s logo! So, pretty! šŸ˜€

So, because of those two knuckleheads (really, I love them), I’m becoming a small business owner! Hooray eternal poverty (just kidding, I’ll be a success…watch out Hallmark!) I never thought I’d ever become a business owner…EVER! It’s freaking scary as hell! Not to mention stressful… But as soon as I make my first dollar, I’ll be unstoppable! I’m excited but scared to death, which according to Ted Mosby is a good thing. (If you don’t get that reference go watch How I Met Your Mother!)

Shameful self-promotion: check out my Etsy shop. There are invites (baby showers only, for now) and a few posters, eventually I’ll have holiday & special occasion cards and wedding suites up. There’s something for every body.