Intents & Purposes

This is my first design-themed blog, so bear with me. From time to time I’m going to post about my latest project, what inspires me, maybe try a tutorial, or just a mood board. I may even update y’all on my job status…dun dun duuuuunnn!

So, why even start a blog in the first place? Well, first, this isn’t my first rodeo; I had a blog about recovering from my spinal cord injury that I kept up-to-date for a few years, but when I got busy with living life. Three years ago, when I started my graphic designer career I knew that eventually I would re-start my blogging, but with a design-focused theme. I wanted to gain a perspective (and enough experience) before I started blabbing. Then, about a week ago, while checking my Facebook feed I saw this post about a 30-day “Be A Better Designer” challenge (pic below). Being the always-improving, self-criticizing badass that I am I thought to myself, “Hell yes, let’s do this!”


Today is day 4. Procrastination has caught up with me, and now I must adhere to this calendar’s demands. This why this blog has been created (for the most part). I plan to keep up with it, though. I hope to update ever other week or so, should my life allow it. 🙂


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